Becoming a Member

We always encourage people to apply for membership here at Early Bird Speakers (EBS). However, to maximise the speaking and leadership opportunities for our members, we limit membership to 50 people. This means that if you come along and decide you like EBS and want to join, you’ll need to become an Aspiring Member (AM) first.

We like AMs to regularly attend Early Bird Speakers and get to know the members before being considered for full membership. Our leadership team will select (by secret ballot) the most eligible AMs for full membership when a vacancy arises. While on the AM waiting list, you’ll have the chance to learn, help out in some functionary roles, and do the occasional impromptu speech. However, you won’t be able to present prepared speeches, compete in club contests, perform leadership roles or act as a club officer at EBS meetings until you’re a fully paid-up EBS Toastmaster.

As an AM, you are encouraged to take the earliest opportunity to make an extended introduction to the club. This is a minute spent telling us about yourself and is important in getting you more visibility at the club when it comes to the leadership team voting in new Full Members. Our Vice President Education will help you book a spot.

If you’re an AM, please let us know in advance that you’re coming by signing up on our Meetup page.

The club is run by the members, for the members. We do look for regular attendance AND involvement at Early Birds, possibly taking a leadership role quite soon after becoming a member.

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