Early Bird Education Archive

Even more tips, pointers and expertise from the Early Bird members.

Body and Voice

“Using Body Language” by Nina

“Your body never shuts up” by Ian

“Body Language and Vocal Variety” by Ernesto

“Voice and Body Language” by Ian

“Using the Microphone” by Al

Visual Aids

“Mastering the slideshow” by Neil

“Visual Aids” by Sunny

“WWDD – The BS Guide for Props” by Mark

“The 7 Ps of Powerpoint: Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor & Pathetic Presentation” by Mutsuyuki

Speech Structure

“Structure Your Speech” by Lissi

“Structure Your Speech Part Two” by Lissi

“Frames” by Ian


“Short Speech Exploratory” by Lissi             

“Exploring Structure: From Basics to Brilliant” by Lissi             

Language and Rhetoric

“Rhetoric Part 1” by Tony

“Words Mean Things” by Deena


“Confidence Tricks” by Richard

“Controlling Your Fear” by Nina

“Confidence and how to exude it” by Lissi


“The Creativity of Humour” by Aaron

“Comedy” by Al

“Humorous Speaking Tips” by Ola

Impromptu Speeches and Table Topics

“Table Topics” by Mark

“Preparing an Impromptu Speech” by Al

“How to Enjoy Table Topics” by Sudeshna

“Table Topics” by Taz

Business Pitches

“Preparing Your Pitch” by Ernesto

“Pitch with Impact” by Ernesto


“Evaluation” by Taz

“Evaluation” by Mindy

“Ten Tips for T’riffic Evaluations” by Neil

“Content Based Evaluation Part 1” by Tony

“Content Based Evaluation Part 2” by Tony

“No BS Evaluations” by Mutsuyuki

The Toastmaster Role and Stagecraft

“Stage Presence and Stagecraft” by Vanessa

“Stagecraft” by Roger

“The Toastmaster Function: A Role for All Seasons” by Nina

“The Toastmaster Role” by Bianca

Other Meeting Roles

General Evaluator: “How to GE at home and away” by Shaheen

Table Topics Master: “The Art of Great Table Topics” by Michelle


“Delegate to Empower” by Hilary

“Leadership” by Roger

“Values and Leadership” by Nina

Others …

“Memory Skills” by Bianca

“Productive Meetings” by Nina

“How To Talk On Radio” by Sepi and Iain