Positioned in the corridor next to the meeting room, the Reception role is an important part of the Hospitability team who ensures guests receive a name badge to help with networking and are provided with further directions. The reception that a guest receives shapes their first impression of the club, it’s warmth and supportiveness.

How can you help guests have a great first impression?


On the day


Before The Members and Guests Arrive

  • Arrive at 6:30AM!
  • Locate the direction arrows boards in the blue storage boxes and place them outside the lift and lodge room.
  • Lay out the members badges on the table in the cloakroom and the guest badges on the table in the corridor next to the lifts.
  • Print-outs for new badges will be provided on the day.
    • Cut out and add guest badges to the guest badge holders
    • New member’s name tags are also sometimes printed out when Aspiring Members become Full Members or when Leadership Team members change.


 Greeting Members and Guests

  • Greet everyone warmly.
  • Help guests find their name badges. In the event of an unexpected guest, a name badge may not be available, and one will need to be made from the blank tags. Scissors and pens are available in the store box. Write the name clearly for the benefit of the other members.
  • Help answer any questions guests might have and introduce them to the Guest Host or other members who can show them around and tell them more about the club.
  • Provide directions to the Cloakroom, Meeting Room and unisex Bathrooms.
  • The Receptionist has the responsibility to delegate the role of Camera Operator. Look out for members without roles or Aspiring Members who you can fulfil the role. A role guide is attached to the camera tripod for their reference and further guidance can be provided by other members if required.



During the meeting

  • When Sign-In comes upstairs prepare to join the meeting yourself.
  • Tidy away the reception desk items back into the blue storage boxes before you head in to the Meeting Room.



After the Meeting

  • Collect back in the name badges. Some people leave promptly and may forget that they are wearing a badge, so be ready to intercept them before they head off. If you must leave early, ensure that you have delegated this responsibility.