Sign In


Positioned by the front door, the Sign In role is a vital part of our Hospitality team and the first Toastmaster that guests of the club meet. Think back to the first Toastmasters meeting you attended and what you were thinking and feeling as you walked through the doors for the first time … the chances are you were nervous, unsure and didn’t know where you were going! That’s why it’s so important that everyone is greeted warmly and made to feel from the start that they are in a friendly, supportive environment.

How can you make a guest walking the door for the first time feel even more welcome?

Sign In is also an important requirement for the Security team at Freemason’s Hall. The Sign in person is also responsible for collecting contact information of guests so that the Vice President of Membership (VPM) can follow up after the meeting.



On the day


Before the Members and Guests Arrive

  • Arrive at 6:30a.m.! Remember that Freemason’s Hall security can’t allow anyone to proceed upstairs without being signed in first. If you’re late the meeting preparation is delayed!
  • Setup the sign-in desk.
  • Sign-in sheets will be provided for you by the VPE or VPM.
  • Please make sure the GDPR form and information on filming is clearly presented.



Greeting Members and Guests

  • Greet everyone warmly.
  • Be sure to give clear directions to the meeting room.
  • As much as possible, please introduce new guests to a member so they can show them around.
  • Ask members to send the lift back down once they get upstairs. This will speed up the arrival of members.
  • Ensure that contact information for all guests is collected and clearly written.



Last but not least …

  • At 07:15a.m. head upstairs and join the meeting.
  • Do a final check that all members in attendance are accounted for and hand back the completed sign-in sheets to the Vice-President of Membership, or alternatively, the President.