What We Do

Every week, we provide a welcoming, encouraging forum for you to hone your skills in:

  • Spontaneous speaking: short, impromptu speeches on surprise topics.
  • Prepared speeches: longer presentations on topics ranging from personal stories to technical fields.
  • Evaluations: the indispensable skill of being able to assess your peers and offer constructive feedback.

What Can You Expect At An Early Birds Meeting?


EBS meetings comprise three main elements:

Table Topics

In the first half of the meeting, we invite speakers (members and guests alike) up on stage to improvise answers to questions they’ve only just heard. Though it can be nerve-wracking, it’s great practice for the demands for impromptu speaking we can face every day – job interviews, work presentations, general networking.

Prepared Speeches

In part two, three speakers present longer, prepared speeches, lasting from 7-10 minutes. These speeches can be about practically anything – from intros and life stories to technical presentations and after-dinner speeches. And as with everyone else at EBS, speakers receive insightful feedback that helps them grow as speakers and as people.


While we do not provide formal tuition, education and improvement are hugely important to us at Early Bird Speakers. For this reason, everyone is evaluated every week, with specific, actionable and constructive feedback that helps us grow. Just as importantly, by giving evaluations, we learn the critical skill of being able to deliver helpful advice that is welcomed by the person being evaluated.

EBS Can Help You…

Develop as a Speaker

In a professional but always welcoming environment, we give you weekly opportunities to practice, develop and learn. Whether it’s for work, a best man speech, teaching seminars or just a personal challenge, we provide you with the framework, support and mentoring to conquer your public-speaking fears and take you to the next level.

Develop as a Leader

Besides boosting your confidence to speak in public, we provide ample opportunities to develop leadership through critical thinking, organising events and, ultimately, with a role on our leadership team.

Develop as an Individual

Friendly, constructive evaluation is central to the Early Birds experience. Through receiving and learning how to deliver evaluations, our members and guests learn more about their strengths and difficulties, and how to get even better. We pride ourselves on being one of the most welcoming and diverse clubs in London. Our members have formed enduring friendships and sealed business opportunities through Early Birds. Why not come and see what we can do for you?

EBS Greatest Hits

We have some fabulously talented people at Early Birds. Here’s a video of some of them in action: